Sticky Notes 11 – #LIBACRATEENICAN

Politics! Politics! Politics! If “History of the World Part 1” has taught me anything, it’s that some folks get exceptionally butt hurt about politics. When you stop to think about it… it’s actually pretty hilarious that so many folks get their undies all wadded up in a bunch over some stiff folks in expensive clothing that are overpaid and don’t adequately serve the American people. But I digress, this isn’t necessarily about that. This comic today is about not throwing in with one Political Party’s dynamic and to be true to yourself, even if that means not holding fast to party issue lines.

So rejoice, the gang from Sticky Notes is back after a month off. And if you thought they were slacking off, boy howdy were you ever wrong! Not only are they back with a vengeance… they created an entirely brand new political party! The political party never stops on Sticky Notes. Enjoy!SN11


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