What a Week That Was… #readmyblog #dammit

What a week! It’s a been a roller-coaster trying to maintain this monstrosity of a blog the last few weeks. With so much going on in my personal and professional life, it’s been difficult to keep up with this non-paying part time job. But I’m back like a Spinal Tap this week! A full slate of content was unleashed on the masses: bed head, the start of an original story, movie reviews, and a web comic! Plenty to keep you entertained for quite a while.

  1. If you ever wanted to know what I look like when I wake up, boy howdy do I have you covered! Check out my Epic Bed Head, it is a work of beauty. Also, I pepper each image with color commentary. Trust me – it’s Golden.
  2. You look like you could use a good popcorn flick for the weekend. Not to worry, I can keep you entertained and then some! Give DOA: Dead or Alive a watch, it is cheesy, action packed, super colorful and great way to blow an hour and a half with some friends. Also, if you want to double down on your B-Movie pleasure, take a look at this retro review for Trancers, which is without a doubt the single greatest B-Movie ever made. Period. Drop the mic. Done.
  3. I started writing a novel a while back, it is a fun comedic/dramatic piece about a poor soul who is stuck living 3 lives simultaneously – the hitch being that the switch between lives happens randomly, leaving the protagonist in all sorts of compromising situations. Memory confusion, gender swapping, race swapping, age difference, income difference, and much more are covered in the entire book. I published a first draft of Thrice in a Lifetime: Chapter 1 for your consumption this week. Give it a read and let me know what you think.
  4. The gang from Sticky Notes (the best damned web comic drawn exclusively on Post-it notes) are at it again! Not content to fall in line with Democrat or Republican ideaoligies, they tear off and create a brand new political party, the Libacrateenican Party! Witness this historic birth and join the movement! It’s revolution up in this piece!

To those of you who have dropped in and checked out my blog, please accept a hearty thank you from me, the owner and operator of this fine online establishment. If you have not seen this blog before today, click some links dood! Have some fun! There’s a ton to see, read and view – and most of it is funny and/or at my own expense. Bottom line, jump on in, the water is fine.

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Here’s a little song for the road: from the Talking Heads live performance movie Stop Making Sense, here is their rendition of David Byrne’s “What a Day That Was”…Enjoy!

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