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Today I have a Coming Soon that steers well clear of the 2016 Donald Trump Republican shit show for a second consecutive week in a row (yay me!). There was some interesting entertainment news this week that eclipsed even the Donalds usual media dominance as Disney announced another Indiana Jones film was to be released in 2019 starring once more the film legend Harrison Ford.

For the record: make no mistake, Harrison Ford is a legend. From Star Wars to Witness, Working Girl to Indiana Jones, Clear and Present Danger to Air Force One, American Graffiti to Frantic, Six Days Seven Nights to Regarding Henry: Harrison Ford has made a lot of highly rated and/or smash hit movies. However, and perhaps this was spurred on by his appearance in the Expendables 3, Ford seems to be doing a bit of a “hit films of yore” victory lap similar to how Sylvester Stallone made both a new Rambo and Rocky film recently. For Ford it’s a new Star Wars, Blade Runner and the now recently announced fifth Indiana Jones flick. So I thought, why stop there? Why not continue the victory lap? And so here we are with today’s wholly original sequel that you never thought could (or should) be possible: The Fugitive…Again! Not content to sit on the Scrooge McDuckian levels of cash that he has already amassed, no sir, Harrison Ford will make grossly late in the game sequels to every critically acclaimed and/or smash hit movie that he has ever made in the pursuit of that almighty dollar. Besides, he needs the money to pay for the airplanes he keeps wrecking… or to pay the gypsies from Thinner to ensure that Calista Flockhart never gains weight… ever! So go see his newest sequel…

Coming Soon:TheFugitiveAgain

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