Coming Soon: The TRUMPING #Trump #RealHorror #America

With the primary voting for the Presidential hopefuls starting next week, things are looking bleak for the United States of America. On the Democrat side you have Hillary Clinton (who’s petering out like she did in 2008) and Bernie Sanders (who couldn’t possibly accomplish 75% of his ridiculous agenda). On the Republican side you have Marco (Establishment Whipping Boy) Rubio, Ted (Never Gonna Get The Party’s Approval) Cruz, and the heir apparent: Donald (What The Eff Is Wrong With This Country) Trump. Bleak, my friends, very bleak. Donald Trump recently said that he could shoot somebody in public and not lose any voters, and sadly I’m starting to believe that he might be right. I know I’ve made it clear that I’m not a Trump supporter, but in the event that he becomes our next President in the U.S. of A-holes, then I have to prepare myself for the worst. That’s what today’s Coming Soon represents, my genuine horror for where my beloved country will be going if that floppy haired moron becomes the next Commander in Chief. So, with a heavy heart, I bring you the next generation of absolutely gut wrenching terror that Stephen King only wishes he had written: The Trumping!

Coming Soon:The TRUMPINGAlso, I include this video below as a reference to the aforementioned bit about Trump “joking” that he could shoot somebody in public and not lose any voters.

Also, Trump sucks. That is all.

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