You Love Me, You Really Love Me #Stats #ThankYou

you-love-meAs a fun little sociological experiment, I decided to look at my web host’s statistics page for my website. Point of information: I check my WordPress stats a couple times per week to get a snapshot of how this blog is doing. I thought it was doing moderately OK, not gangbusters mind you, but definitely there was steady viewership. What I didn’t know, was that the Wordpress stats page didn’t paint the whole picture as it did not capture views from subscriptions, RSS feeds, and a variety of other distribution methods not tracked by WordPress standards. When I thought I had hundreds of unique viewers, I was way off. I had more like tens of thousands of viewers with over 200,000 total page visits! You guys love me, you really love me! Check the stats below for the yearlong snapshot:

Nerfed StatsWhat this means is that quite a few people are checking this blog out, either thru Facebook, Twitter or from shared links from readers that have been posted elsewhere. It also means that a considerable amount of readers have subscribed via RSS feed. That’s freaking awesome! Now, admittedly, some of these hits are bots, but that’s cool too. It just means that SkyNet is well underway and likely nearing completion of its new independent artificial intelligence software that will allow it take over the world and purge all of humanity with its Terminator cyborgs. Since they visit my blog, we now can assume that they will have a wicked sense of humor. If SkyNet can get their Terminator program off the ground, I can only hope that they send a T-2000 that looks like Ken Jeong so he can say this as he terminates me:

But seriously folks, 71,000 viewers with 265,000 page visits is huge for a small time blog with hardly any exposure. Even when you take out the aforementioned bots, I still have 64,000 views and 189,000 page visits. Live human beings (and SkyNet) are absorbing Nerfed Llamas content on a regular basis. Thanks for that! Sincerly, thanks. No, like really… you guys are the best! I put a lot of work into this silly little “kickin’ rad” blog (between a full time soul sucking job and being a full time husband and father – it’s hard to find the time), and it is truly inspiring to see that it is gaining traction and growing an audience. Right now, my top hotly viewed page categories are:

  1. Movie and Music Reviews
  2. Original Fiction (Yay literature – also, surprising)
  3. Meet the Llama page (my bio page)

Definitely expect to see more content in at least 2 of those categories (let’s face it, there’s not a whole hell of a lot I can add to my bio page, I’m effectively nobody of consequence). Although, I might add that my new Coming Soon web comic has taken off quite nicely, so definitely expect more movie poster shenanigans each week.

On a final note, since I used the meme way up at the top of this article, please watch the trailer for the 1994 Jim Carrey masterpiece, the Mask (also, watch the movie – it’s freakin’ hysterical!):

Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back now, ya hear!

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