Ten Tunes Terrific for Tuesday – Vol. 2 #TTTT

It’s time once more for some well crafted melodies to help us feel alright. To let the stress of the day go, and relax to the rhythm and the beat. don’t worry, be happy gang, because every little thing is gonna be alright. Jam a few of these tunes and then try not to dance right where you are at: it’s impossible. Surrender to the songs set before you and enjoy your day!

  1. Up first we have the often overlooked hidden gem of a single “3 Strange Days” by the band School of Fish. A classic 90s modern rock jam!
  2.  We slide back into the present day with a more modern day modern rock track (but seriously, it’s just rock) track by They Might Be Giants – “Damn Good Times”
  3. Slide the fret down to the 90s once more to here the Breeders make the last splash with their first breakout single: “Cannonball”
  4. However, back in the 1960s the Dave Clark 5 were ripping and raving the house down with this killer cut right here: “Bits and Pieces”
  5. Over in Canada, Islands have been hard at work crafting pop-rock perfection, as illustrated with this tremendous track: “Hallways”
  6. Over in the UK, Ocean Colour Scene has been recording well measured rock and roll for the masses. So much amazing is happening on this song, and as such I’ll quit yapping so you can start listening. Enjoy “The Day We Caught the Train”
  7. Now we shall take a small break to ponder the importance of spending time together, whether out and about or just staying home. According to Jennifer Trynin, it’s “Better Than Nothing”, according to me, it’s a dope cut!
  8. Over in California we go back a couple decades to witness the birth of a Mercedes Benz theme song, “Whoever You Are”, by Geggy Tah
  9. Behold, I now present to you the Rentals as Matt Sharp proves once more that he was the true heart and soul of Weezer (who haven’t been the same since he left – seriously, the past 19 years have not been good for Weezer). “1000 Seasons” is that perfect summer chilling track to listen to in the car with the windows rolled down.
  10. Finally we’ll take the rowdiness just a bit and have a sing-a-long with 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up”, and don’t act like you don’t know the words, cuz you know you do!

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