Ten Terrific Tunes for Tuesday – Vol. 6 #Punk #TTTT

Oi! It’s time to challenge the system and to declare ourselves rude in front of everyone… essentially, it’s a punk/ska mix. So, dig it… or don’t, if you are really feeling punk rock.

As always, here’s the Apple Music link: in case you wanna take this punk/ska mix on the run.

  1. NOFX – Separation of Church and Skate: in which the band asks the question, when did punk rock become so safe? Short answer, when students and professors on all major college campuses decided that political correctness was more important than free speech.
  2. The Crowd – Trix Are for Kids: Never will another 50 second long song get stuck in your head for days like this classic. Silly Rabbit…
  3. Rancid – Time Bomb: Just another great jam from back in the day. When Rancid was on point, they were the best of the best. Dig in and get hooked, it’s real easy to do!
  4. Ramones – Judy is a Punk: Can’t have a punk list without the Ramones, can you? This is another short and sweet track, but that is one of the charms of the genre – the ability for a band to craft a powerful song in quick burst of energetic music, where there are no wasted notes and no unnecessary extensions to a song that has said all that it needs to say.
  5. The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go: In many ways, the Clash are the pinnacle of punk music and quite possibly rock music. They did it all, from reggae, dub, funk, ska, rockabilly, and more, and they did it expertly. I could have selected any of their songs and come out ahead, but this one just felt right. Enjoy!
  6. The English Beat (or just the Beat… depending on how butt hurt you get over names) – Mirror in the Bathroom: Not much to add to this one, just a great revivalist ska cut from back in the day.
  7. the Specials – A Message to You, Rudy: Rudeboys, ska, the problem with today’s youth, the whole deal is covered in spades on this ancient gem that is as relevant today as it was decades ago.
  8. Transplants – California Babylon: This is a track that rides a fine line between punk, rock and pop, yet manages to pull all 3 off with panache and charm. I like how bold this song comes off, it’s catchy and borderline sell out, and these guys couldn’t care less. Love it!
  9. Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles: This is a fun little bookend piece to the track beforehand. Both are about the decay and corruption of California, but only the Dead Kennedys have the Suede Denim Secret Police coming after your uncool niece! Jello Biafra had a way with words, and this may be his best…
  10. The Cramps – She Said (Live): Ah, the Cramps live, which is the only way to listen to them, as they were dynamite on stage. This is a killer cut, and the best possible way to end a mix like this. RIP Lux Interior.


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