Ten Terrific Tunes for Tuesday – Vol. 5 #Halloween #TTTT

Ten Terrific Tunes for Tuesday – Vol. 5 #Halloween #TTTT

You had to figure that I’d put a Halloween mix out there, and boy howdy is this one a doozy. Old and new intertwined, with a few familiar cuts and a few obscure diamonds in the rough. I have never really gotten heavily involved in Halloween. Whether it be dressing up in a fancy costume or going to big Halloween parties, I have done so quite minimally over the last 38 years. I do, however; love a bit of macabre in my music. Dark themes in movies, TV, video games, and music have never bothered me. In fact, I find those themes to be quite fascinating to witness and explore via media. Much like my enjoyment of an amazing tattoo, I find Halloween utterly fascinating, but I never feel compelled to actually participate in any dress up myself, or design a tattoo for myself, but I digress… This mix is sure to liven up any Halloween/Monster related soiree that you plan on throwing this week (or whenever).

Here is link to the official Apple Music Playlist: TTTT – Vol. 5 – Halloween

  1. Rob Zombie – Halloween (She’s So Mean): To be fair, I don’t think that you can have a Halloween mix without Rob Zombie on it somewhere. It’s mandatory. I have selected this little heard gem because it is a rare surf rock track by the master of b-grade horror metal, and it’s catchy as hell. Enjoy you little ghouls!
  2. Fred Schneider – Monster: This song is so tacky and so goofy that I had to include it. Plus it has all of the energy and freneticness of a B-52s track, just with Fred at the front and center. It’s a fun track with a naughty side that will get a chuckle from anybody who’s never heard it.
  3. He is Legend – Eating a Book: This one’s a bit off of the beaten path, but an explosive track about monsters, fear, paranoia and the unexpected. It kicks ass from start to finish. If you are looking for a different kind of Hard Rock, I highly recommend giving He is Legend’s album “I Am Hollywood” a listen…
  4. Franz Ferdinand – Evil Eye: First, and this cannot be overstated, this is the GREATEST HORROR MUSIC VIDEO EVER MADE! Second, this is an amazing track by a band that has consistently recorded some of the best rock music in the industry since 2002. The New Scottish Gentry knock it out of the park with their creepy neo-classic Evil Eye.
  5. Islands -Creeper: Part of me loves this song because it is so freaking catchy, and another part of me doesn’t know what the hell is wrong with me… because this song is oddly dark and very somber for being such a fun beat and vocal progression. It’s the happiest song about terror that you may ever hear!
  6. HorrorPops – Walk Like a Zombie: who doesn’t love a good psychobilly band? I know I do, and the HorrorPops do not disappoint. In this track you get a fun little duet about a monster couple working through some monster issues.
  7. Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London: Aah-wooooooooo! ‘Nuff Said.
  8. They Might Be Giants – I’ve Got a Fang: A silly little ditty about a monster fang, with all of the wit and zaniness that you have come to love and expect from TMBG. Vampires, fears, and tomato juice factor heavily in this song and it is all the more amazing for it.
  9. Los Straitjackets – Theme from “The Munsters”: One of the greatest theme songs in TV history covered by one of the best modern surf rock bands in the world. A win – win situation if ever there was one.
  10. I Am Ghost – Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Really Die: You know, I never really got into gothic music or that whole scene. Type O Negative was the closest I ever got. I heard this song a few years back and dug it, bought the album and was not disappointed. This is a fast paced gothic punk track about vampires and eternal love – a nice track to round out the experience with.
  11. Bobby “Boris” Pickett – Monster Mash: Obligatory bonus track.

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