Road to Nerfed Llamas 3 – Dr. Love Groove #nerfedllamas

The road is drawing closer to a conclusion and final preparations are being made. I’m hoping to launch my full fledged Nerfed Llamas comic in early June, likely as a regular weekend post: I’m thinking Sundays sound good. I may need another week or so, but rest assured the new web comic will be ready very soon.

Today we have the update to the character Dr. Love Groove, initially conceived of as an impish sort of character, he’s been remade to be a modern millennial vampire. Kind of an Eddie Munster meets Bela Lugosi but in the year 2015 type of vibe. The redesign is certainly more visually pleasing and his character grew in fun ways as I started to draw the different facial expressions.

Dr. Love Groove is a pretty relaxed guy, seemingly always taking it easy. He can tolerate a lot, and with the roommates that he has that limit gets pushed on a regular basis. Don’t let the mundaneness of his appearance fool you, he’s quite mischievous and loves to set his roomies up to fail. He can turn into a bat, and he adheres to the normal rules of being a vampire. 

Just one more character to go and then the Llamaspacolypse will be upon us. Check back soon to meet Rodger B. Dodger! 


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