Road to Nerfed Llamas 2 – the Biwwie Goat #nerfedllamas

Way back in the ancient era known as 2012, I began work on revamping an idea I had for a web comic. Putting pencil to paper, I created the foundation for what would ultimately become the identity of my website as well as a darn good reason to activate my creative side for the first time in a good long while. Nerfed Llamas, the web comic, at it’s core was designed to exemplify the best and worst of nerd culture. Every comic strip needs a concept, and above and beyond that it is extremely helpful to have a cast of characters that an audience can identify with and fall in love with. 

Today, I am presenting for the first time in all his glory, the Biwwie Goat. He’s a tiny fellow, who is mostly silent, usually not adding much to the conversation. Although he doesn’t talk much, he hears everything, and his expressions are worth a bazilliondy words. Oh, and watch out, he does have a temper, a bombastic one at that, and once he gets started its hard to shut him up. He’s a fun, adorable, Snoopy-ish character that is a lot of fun to draw – so much so that he’s more or less become the official mascot of Nerfed Llamas. Here’s a peak at his original character sheet that I created 3 years ago. As I work towards launching this new web comic, along with inks and digital enhancements, it’s fun to look at where it all started and to re-tap the inspiration that made all of this possible in the first place. Thanks Biwwie, you kept me going when I felt like giving up. As long as you keep me on task, I think we’ll get your strip up real soon…


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