Coming Soon: Clockwork Cosby! @BillCosby #PuddingPops #Cosby

In light of recent news that indicates that Bill Cosby will likely have his day in court to answer to the serious allegations of sexual assault that have been levied against him, I thought today would be a fantastic day to unveil my next faux cinematic masterpiece: Clockwork Cosby! A depraved and raw look into the psyche of a man who has quite possibly sexually assaulted over 50 women. It has all of the bartending tips that a sad sack lech might need to trap his prey, as well as a bit of the old ultra-violence that today’s audiences love so much! So roll up one and all, ladies and gentlemen, boils and ghouls – and don’t miss the most promising night of debauchery of your life! Free pudding pops for the first 100 ticket buyers! Clockwork Cosby!

Coming Soon:

Clockwork Cosby

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