Trancers 7: The Pitch! Open Letter To @RealCharlesBand @fullmoonhorror

All Month Long I Have Been Secretly Typing Up A Script For Trancers VII And This Is The Pitch!

Hello to Charles Band and to all of the fine creative individuals at Full Moon Features. My name is Packy Smith, and I have been working on a pitch for Trancers VII for quite some time now, over a year now to be exact. First and foremost, I would like to thank Mr. Band and his team for bringing movie fans around the world such thrilling and engaging classic franchises such as Puppet Master, Subspecies, and Trancers. I also feel that it is important to mention the newer concepts, such as Evil Bong, Gingerdead Man, and Trophy Heads, as they are now a part of the Full Moon Features legacy. What I have prepared for you today is a sample of the creative passion and the inspiration that I have drawn from the Full Moon universe of motion pictures. This month long celebration of the wildly bizarre films that Full Moon Features is all about has been about promoting quality low budget indie film making, and also about spending an entire month watching classic movies that I have loved for years as well as trying out new ones just for the fun of it. It’s been a great month for me because Full Moon Features makes some truly entertaining films.

Why Trancers? as documented in this blog’s first film review, Trancers is my favorite b-movie series of all time, and it has always felt like it needed one more movie to complete the story of the time travelling trooper, Jack Deth. Yes, even after 6 films in the series, there is still room for at least one more adventure to bring closure to Jack Deth’s narrative. This is a fantastic film world filled with nefarious villains, wonderful gadgets, unique time travel, and a fun sci-fi spin on the zombie genre.

The Pitch: Jack Deth is tired. He’s been singeing Trancers for over 40 years. Just when it seemed like the last threat was behind him, a new one always loomed around the corner. When the Council summons him to duty once more, Jack knows all to well what the problem is: Trancers! What Jack hopes will be his final mission before retirement, could present him with the opportunity to eradicate the Trancer menace once and for all, and at the same time remind him that he had been building a strong network of friends who would become his family throughout time. On his journey, Jack will reunite with friends from the previous movies in the series, and also meet his son that he never knew that he had. It is a whirlwind adventure throughout the time continuum that will draw Jack’s journey to a thrilling conclusion, while rocketing forth a new journey for his young Trooper son Peter Deth.

The Hook: Trancers VII – Time Catches Up With Deth, is the perfect opportunity to bring in the whole gang for a host of cameo appearances. Think of it as akin to the Blues Brother: we’ve gotta get the band back together! We’re on a mission from Deth! Lena, McNulty, Raines, Allison, Lyra, and even good ol’ Shark factor into the plot in varying degrees, a lot of which are more like cameos, while at the same time introducing us to all new heroes and villains all tangled up in a great new story that feels like classic Trancers. It gives a solid reason for the die hard Full Moon Features fan to watch this new adventure from the beloved series Trancers, while propelling the series into a new direction with new technology, characters, and villains. Trancers VII closes the chapter on Jack Deth, while opening a brand new chapter for Peter as the new official torch bearer. Everything old is new again, and this time around the time traveling and the stakes for Jack are more dire than they’ve ever been before. This is an odd couple style buddy cop film on an epic level. Although sometimes campy, sometimes serious, sometimes kick ass, and even sometimes poignant, Trancers VII is designed to be the culmination of 6 movies wrapped into one final triumphant bookend style hurrah!

The Good News: A popular writer/filmmaker that I follow on social media is always handing out little nuggets of free advice to up and coming writers. A few months back he posited that you should never pitch a new idea, even for a sequel, without a script ready for the folks the pitch is intended for to read. I have finished writing the first draft of Trancers VII – Time Catches Up With Deth this month and I’m ready to send a copy to the appropriate individual at Full Moon Features. You can see photographic proof of the script right here in my Full Moon Features loving hand!

Here is 80 pages of campy sci-fi buddy cop neo-zombie apocolypse greatness
Here is 80 pages of campy sci-fi buddy cop neo-zombie apocalypse greatness

What Do You Have To Lose? Mr. Band, allow me the privilege of sending you a copy of my script for Trancers VII. Think of my script not only as the potential for a great film project that could star Tim Thomerson and the whole Trancers gang, but also as an example of the quality of my work in consideration for other writing projects you may have at Full Moon Features. I love Full Moon Features and would love to write scripts for any of the wide variety of projects that Full Moon has, or will have in development in the near future. I would love to have your feedback on my script.

I’ll anxiously await a response. I can be reached via email at:

Who wouldn’t want to see Jack Deth light up a smoke one last time…

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