Tougher Than It Is…

Some People Like To Make Life A Little Tougher Than It Is…

Over the past few weeks I’ve hit a crossroads of sorts, especially in reference to this blog. I themed out a few months worth of content in May and June, and for the most part I stuck to my guns and really hammered out a lot of great posts about cheesy b-movies, independent musicians & filmmakers, video games, movies & recording artists you should check out, and a bunch of other stuff. Since then, I’ve kind of been at an impasse in reference as to how to proceed forward for the month of July. I was going to start off the month with a few op/ed pieces on some trending topics, but as I typed them up I noticed a distinct pattern of cynicism and saltiness. I took a step back from the posts and had a moment of clarity and reflection, and in doing so I realized that I had become unnecessarily bitter in my overall outlook, which is not something I am proud of. Am I snarky? Oh hell yes, I am a snarky mofo with enough quips to make Deadpool jealous, and I am just as weird too. But cynical? I’m not cynical, or at least I don’t want to be. I mean, seriously… who wants to be like this?

I think this has all been building up for some time now. Whether it be this dead end Presidential election cycle, the rise in reports of needless violence on both a domestic and an international front happening every day, all the way to just the shape of things to come… I’ve let all of these things (and more) coalesce into something inside me that makes me want to just scream for obnoxiously long periods sometimes. Bottom line: no op/ed pieces for the foreseeable future. It’s better for all parties involved if I just leave these topics alone. In some regards, I’m making life a little tougher than it is. There are good ideas and there are bad ideas, and this week I have been having some bad ideas for the blog. For reference, here is a quick explanation of good ideas vs. bad ideas:

Along the way, some behind the scenes stuff that mostly has nothing to do with has been bubbling up in my wizard’s cauldron. Some of this “stuff” is good, some of it bad, and some of it just is. On the plus column: I have been posting a small selection of videos to my newly formed YouTube Channel, which you can click here to check out. There’s not much there on YouTube yet, but I’ll be adding a ton more over the next few weeks. I started a Twitch page and will be working to make a semi-regular schedule of playing Overwatch and perhaps a few other PS4 games soon, that link is here. I have been editing my novel “Thrice in a Lifetime” (the first 2 chapters can be read here and here respectively) as well, and look to be on a trajectory to complete a full working draft before the end of the year. I also am outlining a few screenwriting projects, one a re-draft of an older work I completed nearly 15 years ago, and another that is a bookend piece to my “20 Miles to Texas” (a snippet of which can be read here) script. I’ve been busy working on a lot of things, keeping my life hectic, and making certain that I hardly sleep at all. I look kind of like this guy most of the time:

In the end, I’ll be cutting back a bit on the blog posting and focusing more on a few new and continued endeavors. Nerfed Llamas isn’t dead by a long shot, I just need to take a small breather this week, finish a few other projects that I have started, and then come back to this blog with a fresh and re-energized perspective. I will still post a few articles here and there as I find the passion to do so, but not on any type of rigidly kept schedule, so if it takes a few weeks to get this train rolling strong again… then bear with me. If you still want to know what kind of goofy stuff is swimming around in my mind on a regular basis, follow me on Twitter: @nerfedllamas where I act a damn fool all the time. There’s a lot of creative stuff going on in my mind right now, and I need to focus on completing some of the long gestating projects that are on my plate right now. Wish me luck, as I will wish you luck on all of the things that you are focused on accomplishing as well. I know we can do it!

Also, for those who need to hear it, I leave you with this:

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