Robert Downey Jr. Week? #robertdowneyjrweek

After taking a few days off from my regular posting scheduling, I’m back in the saddle again. Still working towards my creative goals, and at the same time trying to continually jump the hurdles of life and stay in the race. In many regards that is the meaning of life, trying to stay in the race, to be relevant, to make your mark and in doing so positively affect other people’s lives. 

It’s in times like these that I think of other people that have overcome so much personal drama, and have achieved so much success. I’m looking at you Robert Downey Jr. From a quirky young actor, to a drug addict, to bottoming out, and then rising from the ashes of his former self, Robert reemerged with a new wife, new life and newfound handhold as one of the premier film entertainers of his generation. He has accomplished so much, and yet has a whole lot more that he is planning to bring to the table over the next years. 

I’ve spent a few days going over his films, music, philosophy and commentary and have decided that this week shall officially be Robert Downey Jr. week at Nerfed Llamas. Congratulations Robert, you earned it! Starting tomorrow, look forward to reviews, a special RDJ themed Sticky Notes, a story that should be the pitch for his next film and a Friday wrap up with possibly more reviews. It’s enough to force someone to make this face: 


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