Packy Smith – Submissions for the BioWare #ExplorersWanted Contest #MassEffectAndromeda #space

Packy Smith – Submissions for the BioWare Explorers Wanted Contest – Mass Effect Andromeda

Howdy to all Bioware employers and fellow blog readers alike! Today I am blogging for an exceptionally important reason, and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you what I am hoping to accomplish. However, I am not frog and you are not a bunny, so before we jump too far ahead of ourselves, let’s slow our roll just a touch to give me a brief opportunity to explain myself. Recently, video game developer BioWare, makers of fine gaming RPGs such as the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, announced a competition titled “Explorers Wanted”. The competition was created to allow fans of the series to record themselves reading small snippets for a minor character from the script for the upcoming 2017 game Mass Effect Andromeda, with the grand prize winner being given a minor voiced character role in the new game! I want to be the winner!

For more information on how the Explorers Wanted contest works and/or to download the 2 scripts available, read the following blog entry from BioWare and also watch their official video announcement below:

I am a huge fan of BioWare, and the wonderful games that they make. For the uninitiated, the games that they make are deep, richly layered, story based RPGs (in Science Fiction or Fantasy flavors) with a huge cast of diverse characters and exciting worlds to explore and discover. I have blogged numerous times about BioWare and their games, such as:

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…and E3 2015 & E3 2016 reports!

Bottom line: I love the BioWare team an awful lot. For me, the Explorers Wanted contest is not only a super cool competition, but an opportunity for me to possibly realize a life goal. Way back in January of this year, I set some goals for 2016 (which you can read about by clicking HERE), which included learning the craft of voice acting and possibly getting a foot in the door to become a professional voice actor. I have in fact been working towards this goal, utilizing Dee Bradley Baker’s informative and highly educational website – Clearly, getting a small voiced role for Mass Effect Andromeda would be huge for me, not only because I love the developer and the franchise, but also for the raw amount of experience I would gain from being in the studio, getting professional direction & commentary, and to network with professional voice actors and absorb value advice from them while I am there. Winning the contest and getting to be a part of the Mass Effect Universe would be an amazing experience that would absolutely make my year, if not decade! Enough talk about possibly winning and what it could mean for me, let’s get to the submissions so that I can actually try to win!

Here are my 2 official submissions for the Explorers Wanted contest!

Scene 1: Jordan Tate – indie documentarian character – Jordan Tate seems like a character that may make the rounds and show up intermittently throughout the game and be memorable, so if I won, it would be an absolute honor to portray this character in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Scene 2: Tough Mercenary character – I had a lot of fun with this one, and doing separate voices for each character was a blast. Mercenaries are fun because they are so animated with fantastic banter. Enjoy!

Watch the submissions! Like them, nay LOVE THEM! Share them with your friends and fellow gamers! Tweet and retweet the holy heck out of them! Support me as I try to win a coveted spot as a voiced character in the Mass Effect Universe! DO IT! DO IT NOW!

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