Happy Llamaversary! Nerfed Llamas turns 1! #Congrats #Anniversary

Dear friends, followers, and unfortunate souls that accidentally clicked a link to this blog by mistake but for some odd reason stuck around anyway- it is with a wink and a smile (and pride!) that I announce: this blog has existed for 1 whole year at this point. YAY! 

It’s been a crazy 12 months filled with ups and downs, jokes and somber truths, web comics and original short stories, and a whole host of other stuff that didn’t quite catch on. It all started on April 2nd 2015 with the following Epic Bed Head pic. You’re welcome. Since then, Nerfed Llamas has gone on to post movie & music reviews, playlists, commentary on pop culture, web comics, original fiction, motivational messages, and so much more.

So, what’s next? Why, I’m glad you asked. I could just keep things business as usual, but what fun would that be? I have a year’s worth of data to help guide the future of my brand, and as such I’m going to double down on my strengths: Music and Movie Reviews, Pop Culture Commentary, and the occasional Web Comic/Original Fiction piece. These key topics have seen the most views, and as such I’m going to trim away anything that doesn’t fall in those categories. Primarily, this is just going to cut down on the creative writing and the Web comics, but expand the depth and frequency of my reviews, which is probably for the best anyway. Don’t worry, Diabetic Dracula and Bob aren’t going away for good. They’re just gonna take a longer break in between adventures. I want to focus on content theme months, reviews and commentary for the time being.

Does this place look different? Yes it does, thanks for noticing! I also thought that the Nerfed Llamas blog surviving a full zodiac was a great reason to revamp my site design, streamline it a bit and go for a more minimalist style. The idea is to make it less cluttered and easier to navigate. You may notice some growing pains as you navigate the blog. I do apologize for those, but unfortunately they can’t be helped. The transition to WordPress 4.5 coupled with the new theme has made for a lot of broken featured images. All of the posts are still there and can be read as normal, bu the featured image has gone bye bye. I’m patching the holes as I find them and will hopefully have everything in better shape within a week or so. If you see any other glaring issues with the new theme, please let me know ASAP and I will try to fix it.

What is the YouTube icon for? You are an observant one, I’m gonna have to keep you around! I have started a YouTube Channel, and even though it has no videos yet, soon it will be the home to at least 2 different types of videos. First, I will be joining the long line of folks around the globe doing “Let’s Play” style videos. I have a twist in mind for my series, which should help keep it unique and a tad more entertaining than the average “Let’s Play” vid. I hope to have the first video up in early May, maybe sooner if possible. Second, I am going to start a series of videos where I offer commentary on pop culture and current events. Here is where I will react to trailers, films, events, and other random stuff that tickles my fancy. I’m still narrowing down the format for how I want to produce this series, and as such it may not be until closer to Summer time before it starts. Regardless of how long it takes, you will be the first to know when it launches! I’d also like to start recording a podcast, but let’s bench that idea until after I get this whole YouTube thing off the ground.

Thanks for stopping by! You guys and gals (and bots) are the best. If you haven’t done so yet, follow me on Twitter (where I say all sorts of cray cray stuff that doesn’t make it on the blog) or subscribe via email (just put your email in the subscription field to the right – possibly your other right) to make sure that you don’t miss a single life changing post from Nerfed Llamas – the most kickin’ rad site on the internet!

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