Growing Up: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! #changes

Growing Up: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

I find that as I mature, marching inevitably towards middle-agedom (I turn 40 in few scant months… sigh), that I have changed in many ways. Some ways have been for the better, others… perhaps, not so much. Regardless, all of these changes are the natural evolution of wisdom guided by experience. We all grow up at some point, and the definition of what “growing up” actually means is unique to our own personal journey. I have been humbled in many regards by the life I have led, and I’ve also learned some pretty harsh truths that were learned the hard way.

Here’s a brief catalog of the most important/obvious changes I have undergone in the last few years:

    1. I’m highly immaterial these days. Items don’t hold much value to me anymore. I used to collect toys, comics, memorabilia, sports cards, video games, movies and music. Now, I only buy a handful of items a year, mostly a few movies, a few music albums, and a couple video games. I’ve sold all my comics, half of my movies, nearly all of my CDs, and as many collectibles and other such stuff as I have been able to unload so far. Fun fact: I don’t miss any of this stuff. Also, I find that my need for stuff in general is minimal at best. I attribute some of this to being a provider for my family, but also because I just plain don’t need stuff much anymore, and certainly not like I used to.
    2. My tolerance for every day BS is at an all time low. This one can get dicey for those immediately around me, especially if they are just trying to butter me up to do things for them. If you want me to do something for you, start with the request and then commence with the small talk. Frankly, I’m not big on small talk with folks I’m not already friends with, especially with people that I don’t care to know any better than I already do. This largely applies to co-workers, but it can branch out to all sorts of people that I interact with. So don’t ask me petulant questions about my personal life, or to add you on Facebook, or how I choose to spend my time if we are not already friends or at least well on our way to becoming friends. It may seem harsh, but as stated above, I don’t have a large threshold for BS anymore.
    3. Coffee: I have to have it daily. If I do not have it daily, the ramifications on society as a whole are volatile and highly destructive to say the least. I’m a big fan of this stuff here: Fun fact: not much more than 3 years ago, I couldn’t stand the stuff… now I’ll shiv you for a cup o’ joe.
    4. I have shifted greatly in my political thoughts. Stuff that I used to think were important to me and this country, really just aren’t that big of a deal anymore. There’s so much focus in the United States on special interest and inconsequential crap that it puts things in perspective. The Government only has 3 duties to it’s people: National Security, administration of Justice, and providing certain public services (i.e. Postal service, public works, etc.), above and beyond that – the government can politely screw off. Follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, stop focusing on things that aren’t rights (Healthcare ), stop arguing on whether people should be equal (women, LGBT, minorities, etc.) because of course they should be, and quit spending so much money. If you government guys need money that bad, legalize marijuana and prostitution, run the retail/logistics side of them and tax the hell out of both of them – BOOM! Instant economic recovery.
    5. My taste in music, TV and movies has been refined to the point of near perfection. I love a more broad variety of entertainment than ever before. In regards to music, I find myself loving more blues, world beat and the daring innovative type of bands. I still can’t stand the twerps that make up the Barenaked Ladies (sorry BNL fans) – again I said refined to perfection. In TV, a lot more BBC, documentaries and off the wall genre shows. Drop everything and watch Continuum – some of the best sci-fi time travel you’ll ever watch. And movies, well nothing’s really changed here: screwball comedies, action flicks, super heroes and more sci-fi. Want a good mash up flick, watch Outlander where Vikings and a man from an advanced alien culture hunt down an outer space dragon – so dope.

  1. Finally, I love to laugh and enjoy the simple times more. Not as much concerned with going and doing, and a lot more content to relax and spend time with my family and friends whilst doing nothing at all. Simply put, if I’m not working on personal projects, honey-do lists, house chores or at my job – then let’s just take it easy and chill for the day.

Again, these are some of things that stick out to me as ways I have changed. Ways that I have grown. You’ve likely grown up in your own way and have adapted to your own changes, and for the most part (like mine) they have probably mostly been for the better. Growing up isn’t a bad thing, it’s a natural progression of life and a key way that we adjust to the realities and responsibilities of being an adult. Don’t let it get you down. I’m still a fun loving guy that likes to joke around and make people smile, I’m just not as arrogant, crude or needy anymore, and that is a wonderful thing. Change is life’s way of letting us know it’s time to move on, evolve and better ourselves.

And just in case you are a Peter Pan type who refuses to grow up, just listen to this song and accept that it is time to turn and face the strange ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

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