Case of the Mondays #ChinUp

Those of us still in the work grind can relate to this one true and simple fact: we dread Mondays. Especially after a less than optimal weekend, the prospect of going back to work can seem like insult to injury. However, instead of wallowing in my “Case of the Mondays”


I have chosen to express myself in humorous memes stolen from other people on the Internet. Enjoy!

Happy FridayEnd of the worldHey MondayMonday PuppyMonday AgainMonday ElephantMonday I CantAnd because it gave me a sensible chuckle: You Little RebelSensible Chuckle

No matter what you have going on in your life, whether Monday is the bane of your existence or its something else entirely – take a break, find something to laugh at and remember this: There’s always somebody out there doing worse than you! See below:

So chin up little buckaroo! We’ve got this! Have a laugh, drink some more coffee, and realize that none of this matters anyway. Work, go home, see your family, do things that make you happy and don’t let a day, or your job, or circumstances keep you down. Have a great day!

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