Better Things #CheerUp @TheKinks

I’ve been in a grumpy mood today. Now, to be fair, there were a number of mitigating factors that contributed to my current state of mind, but regardless, my state of mind is my own and I am in charge of maintaining its well being. To sit here all pissed off does myself no good, does my family no good, and frankly isn’t going to accomplish anything positive. But then what could be done about it to cheer me up? And that’s when it hit me…

Here’s a little message I remembered from the Kinks to help me and perhaps yourself, if you are in need of a positive message today as well, get me through the rest of the day and maybe even the week: The Kinks – Better Things

Hopefully this song will resonate with you in the way that it does with me. Better Things always makes me see the sunny bunny side of life, even if just for a little tiny bit. You know the side that I’m speaking of, it’s the one filled with rainbows and puppy dogs. Always look for your Better Things, even when you think that they’ll never happen… that’s usually when you need the positivity the most. If it helps, think of it this way: forcing yourself to find positivity is effectively the same as forcing yourself to dispel the negativity that is festering inside you. A win-win situation. Plus, look at the lads smiling below. They don’t want you to be sad, in fact I have it on good authority that they believe “Everybody’s gonna be happy!”

Maybe that’ll work for you, as it is definitely working for me right now. Also, if you happen to be a fan of the Kinks and are in need of a new playlist that is made of pure unfiltered awesomeness, please feel free to listen to my new Apple Music Playlist: The Kinks – Give The Playlist What They Want!

And if that doesn’t work for you, just remember what Rufus always says when dealing with us crazy irrationally emotional human beings:beexcellent

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