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A Very Very Very Very Short Story

The First Door

Arthur woke up in a darkened room. A narrow sliver of light passed through an apparent door frame across the room. The light was hardly enough illumination to make anything out, and Arthur tried with all of his senses to ascertain the contents of the room. As near as he could tell the room was empty. No furniture or items of any kind. After slowly regaining his wits, Arthur cautiously crawled his way towards the door. He felt his way up the doorway until he was upright. Arthur manipulated the handle and opened the door to reveal a black painted hallway. 15 feet down the corridor the passageway split into a “Y” shape which revealed a door at both ends. Arthur stroked his chin as he labored over which direction to choose, ultimately opting for his left since he was in fact left handed. He opened the door with deliberate measure, peaked his head through first to see if he could make out any details about the room. Then everything went black for Arthur as his body fell to the floor, absent his head, shortly after the sound of a swift cleaving entered his ears.

Arthur had chosen doors poorly.

The end.

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