2nd Annual: May is Officially Full Moon Features Month at Nerfed Llamas! @fullmoonhorror @RealCharlesBand

2nd Annual: May is Officially Full Moon Features Month at Nerfed Llamas!

Last year I dedicated the month of May to reviews of Full Moon Features movies, discussions of the older VHS rental era, and a movie pitch for Trancers VII: Time Catches Up With Deth… still waiting for Charles Band to email me on the movie pitch. I have the script ready to go, get in touch Charles! It was a lot of fun and it gave me a great excuse to re-watch some old Full Moon classics, as well as check out some of their newer flicks. All in all I had a blast writing the movie reviews and reminiscing about a bygone era… so I’m doing it all over again. That’s right, one more full month of love for the undisputed king of B-movies: Charles Band and his wonderful Full Moon Features production company. There will be more movie reviews, more old stories, and even a new movie pitch! Yup, I just don’t know when to quit. I have an amazing B-movie pitch, a sexy sci-fi comedy that is out of this world (and features all sorts of shenanigans, tom foolery, and naturally all of the obligatory high levels of T&A that is expected for these kind of flicks). This is going to be a fun month, so strap in folks… it’s going to be a wild ride!

A quick note before we get started:

If you weren’t around for the First Annual: May is Officially Full Moon Features Month at Nerfed Llamas! Check it out! I did 18 movie reviews, a couple discussions about the creativity of Full Moon Features & the VHS rental craze, and even pitched and wrote an entire script for a sequel to their fan favorite series: Trancers! It was a fun month. The link above will take you to all of the articles I did about Full Moon Features in May of 2016.

A Brief History of Full Moon Features:

Founded in 1988 by film producer/director, and former head of Empire Pictures (Trancers, Re-Animator, Ghoulies, and more), Charles Band – the mission statement for Full Moon Features was simple: to make smaller budget films that felt like big budget movies and were distributed through alternative methods to the standard Hollywood distribution models. Full Moon had immediate success with a direct-to-video movie titled Puppet Master in 1989, a film about devious puppets that are brought to life by an ancient Egyptian spell.

To date, there have been ten sequels to the Puppet Master franchise (with the eleventh on the way), and it still proves to be quite popular. From there, Full Moon saw a boom in business from the video rental market, successfully making multiple sequels to their hit franchises Trancers and Subspecies. In their 29 year history, Full Moon Features has been responsible for the creation of well over a hundred films ranging from horror, science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, erotic, comedy, and even family films. They continue to make new independent film projects each year and promote new product ideas and product lines to delight their fans. Whereas the VHS video rental market that they made their profit from back in the day has collapsed, Full Moon has kept their audience satisfied through DVD and Blu-Ray releases, as well as distribution through their own dedicated subscription based Streaming service, which they have lovingly labeled as Netflix for lunatics!

Check out Charles Band’s latest couple Vidcast updates to see what Full Moon is currently up to:


Also, Full Moon Features will be releasing a limited, numbered, blu-ray box set of all 18 of their classic Empire Pictures films on May 5th! You can buy it at their site Full Moon Direct. I want this set so bad! I may have to set up a Go Fund Me to afford it, but eventually it will be mine! Check out the trailer:

As you can see they are working on a variety of projects, both of the traditional and of the documentary style of film and TV projects. In many ways Full Moon Features is thriving in a market that has devoured many of the studios that made similar direct-to-video style films. This is mostly in part to their creation of a dedicated streaming app service, the selling of a wide variety of products based on their films, and the use of crowdfunding to complete the budgets for their upcoming movies. Essentially, they have grown with the times and kept current with distribution methods and the technology we use to consume content, while at the same time keeping a strong level of communication with the fans. Also, the team at Full Moon are very active at film festivals and conventions, which is another great way that they stay connected to their core audience.

What do I have in store for my 2nd Annual Full Moon month?

I will be reviewing as many of their films as I have time to watch, including films from the Oblivion series, Puppet Master series, Trancers series, along with other notable classics like the Pit and the Pendulum, Fairy Tales, Vampire Journals, Tourist Trap, and the Creeps. Also, I will give my take on some of their more recent offerings such as sequels in the Evil Bong series, Ravenwolf Towers, Dr. Moreau’s House of Pain, and Urban Evil. I may, time permitting, even venture into their family friendly movies like Medieval Park, Goobers, and/or TimeSlingers (I didn’t make it to any of these last year, but hope springs eternal that I’ll find the time this year). Also, I will finally get around to telling you all about my thrilling adventure to meet Tim Thomerson way back in 1999 at a film and anime convention.

Be sure to comeback tomorrow for my review of Oblivion!

Made in 1994, Oblivion is sci-fi western action comedy made way before Firefly made it fashionable. Also, it is worth noting that Oblivion is vastly superior to Firefly in just about every way except for production budget. Starring: Richard Joseph Paul (Vampirella, Revenge of the Nerds II), Jackie Swanson (Cheers, Lethal Weapon), Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster, Air Force One), Meg Foster (They Live, The Man in the Iron Mask), Musetta Vander (Mortal Kombat Annihilation, O Brother Where Art Thou?), Jimmie Skaggs (Catch Me If You Can, Lethal Weapon), Isaac Hayes (Southpark, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka), Irwin Keyes (Zapped!, The Jeffersons), Carel Struycken (The Addams Family, Men in Black), George Takei (Star Trek, Mulan), and Julie Newmar (Batman TV series, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers), Oblivion is a raucous film that you should not miss. Come back tomorrow to find out why!

The following reviews/articles are already up for your enjoyment! This list will be updated as I add content, be sure to check all month long for new Full Moon Features posts!

Check out my fellow bloggin’ buddy Bob Johns’ site: It Came From the Man Cave! He is joining in on the Full Moon fun this month and reviewing a bunch of their movies as well. Definitely stop by and give his blog a look-see!

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  1. Bob

    Good luck with those family features. I need to watch the last Trancers, Creeps and Fairy Tales. Also think you gave me a good reason to watch Pit and the Pendulum maybe I will join you with watching a few of these! *Cheers* To May and Full Moon!

    1. I don’t know if I’ll make it to the family films, but I keep thinking I need to try at least one of them. The last Trancers (with Jack Deth) is definitely better than 4. If you’re talking about Trancers 6, good luck… it’s a rough watch. The creeps is a bizarre flick, been about 10 years or so since the last time I watched it. Fairy Tales is b-movie debauchery weirdness, but a lot of fun to watch (or at least it was a few decades ago!). The Pit and the Pendulum is great, you just can’t go wrong with Lance Henriksen. This should be a lot of fun again, and if you decide to join in… I say the more the merrier! Viva la Full Moon!

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