Site Redesign – 05/14/2015

Hey gang, I played with the design of my initial site (which admittedly sucked) a whole lot, and have landed on a new layout. Hopefully this one is more appealing to the eye, makes all the articles pop better, and has some menu and widget upgrades. I’m still working on the mobile version, so bear with me. What do you think, better? Worse? Give me some feedback.

Professional Goals

On top of attempting this whole “blog” thing, I do have goals and aspirations that transcend the confines of a dot com website. Some of these are pipe dreams, some of these are attainable enough with the proper planning, motivation and luck. Without further ado, I present to you my professional goals (i.e. things I want to do over the course of my adult life to fulfill my dreams and make some dead presidents) in no particular order: Self publish a novel for sale. This one shouldn’t be too tough,…