One Whole Week

I know, I have been posting pictures of my goofy breakfast melon for just over 2 weeks, but today marks the end of the first whole week of posting new content according to the plan. It’s been a very productive week. Here’s a few milestones:

  • I finally put a description of myself, and what I’d like to accomplish
  • I posted my first ever entertainment review for the new TV series on Netflix: Daredevil.
  • After nearly a 20 year hiatus, I revived an ancient character that I created in my teenage years to write my first short story in what seems like forever. Enjoy the weird tale of Bob – you’ve earned it.
  • Although I nearly missed the deadline, I posted my first ever web comic, Sticky Notes. Errors and all, I think it’s a fun little endeavor.
  • And if you happen to like the aforementioned pictures of my male pattern baldness stricken ‘fro, you can always head here for more bed heady goodness.

I hope you have enjoyed my little slice of silly. More is on the way for the following weeks, and I will be diversifying even more and adding more variety to the page. I’m just going to keep on throwing my brain splatterings against the Internet to see what sticks.

Feel free to comment, let me know what you like, what you don’t like, or if you’d like to see me try something different. The customer is always right, unless you’re not, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.



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