Epic Bed Head 116 – 125 #playingcatchup

Without further ado, and zero gilding of the lily, I present to you a veritable cornucopia of bed head!  Yeah, I more or less have no idea what happened to my hair on the day in question. Only my dome can look this frazzled.
  If you don’t think about it to hard, it looks like my head is flipping pages to a book made of hair really quickly.  Note my gleefully expression at the half Wolverine that my hair tried to pull off.
  …and we have a sleeper here, folks.  I’m slightly more awake for this one, but only just. I look like I’ve been promised caffeine and my brain is trying to believe that it’s true. That, or I’m high…but I don’t remember being high, so I must be waiting for caffeine. Right?
  That’s my “ain’t nobody got time for dat!” face, cuz I’m totally behind schedule and need to stop taking stupid pictures of my sunrise mop.  I look reasonably well adjusted, especially when you consider the tumbleweed rolling across my noggin.
  My mind (and hair) = blown that I actually took this picture without it getting all blurry, as again I am clearly not awake.

 More mug shot fodder. I think I’m getting better at it.

  *shrugs* That’s not all that different from how my normally looks. What’s the big deal already?

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