Epic Bed Head 107-115 #nowweekly

So, the more I think about it, the more it probably is best if I just post these silly pictures once a week. A simple evolution to the site, yet one that streamlines the whole process. I like it. No more daily pictures, just one big post on Sunday. So enjoy this week’s Epic Bed Head!   Wild hair, or not: that’s a good looking man!

Morning woody?
   I still have not been able to perfect the Charlie Brown forehead curly hair, but rest assured that every night I’m subconsciously working on it.
  I remember this photo. I did not have time to take this photo. That is all.  Tesla engineers are currently studying my hair to see if they can create sustainable clean energy from my out of control cock crow cowlick. Godspeed Tesla, Godspeed.

  I understand the bed head, what concerns me is the pink spot on my forehead.  You know you’ve had a weird dream, when this is exactly how you woke up. Oh my!

  It was during this photo shoot that I realized a significant truth: I needed to trim my beard ASAP! My beard and my hair were in an epic bed head confrontation this AM. Hard to say who won, but both lost in the shower and were rightfully tamed shortly thereafter.

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