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Let’s All Play Bioware Mad Libs!

I thought today we might have a little bit of fun and make a couple of BioWare themed Mad Libs to play with! I know that some people are bummed out by the delay of Mass Effect Andromeda till 2017, but with these Wacky Mad Libs you can have fun today! You can print the pages below, fill them in with your choice of words, then scan and send them back to me. I’ll post your shenanigan laden story on my Twitter feed. You can also share them with your BioWare loving friends! No matter how you decide to interact with these silly little stories, have fun and keep the BioWare love alive!

Our first Mad Lib was inspired by the game Dragon Age Inquisition. It’s a tale of romance and responsibility!

Our second tale is from the Shepard era of the Mass Effect game series and it focuses on Garrus Vakarian’s favorite past time: calibrations!

I hope you have enjoyed these goofy little BioWare infused diversions. Perhaps you can create a few BioWare Mad Libs of your own! If you do make some new ones, be sure to let me know so I can try them out! You can send your new BioWare Mad Libs creations to my email, Twitter feed, or leave them as a comment below. Thanks!

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