100 Word Challenge: Lose a Vowel #ewe 

So, I have been challenged with writing a brief note that is missing a vowel of my choosing. It was hard to choose, however I landed on the vowel ewe. I am speaking phonetically, to be clear, as I do not mean to talk at length with regard to an “of age” female sheep. I’m likely capable and mentally able to keep on prattling on, dealing with this whole sheep shenanigan, yet I believe that this time will be better served speaking on other matters directly related to the lack of ewe in this typed travesty of ideas. I’m not positive why I do not want to employ the ewe vocalized vowel, I hypothesize that it will not fit into this paper thin narrative and/or moronic rant. So I will soldier on with all my intrepid-ness, leaving the forgotten vowel by the wayside and with resolve to move on to greener grazing lands.

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